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2:34pm 03-28-2018
Geraldine Ridgewell
Lavenham Rare Breeds Show is being held on August Bank Holiday Sunday (26th). Cost is £10, please contact Michael Lance (phone no. on back cover of mag.) He will give you his address so you can send him a cheque and sae .Michael needs to book the club stand before July.
Thank you, Geraldine
10:10am 03-08-2018
All SEOC members are invited to attend the AVO Owners Club National Day event @ Hatton World in Warwickshire on Sunday June 17th. With this year being the 50th anniversary of the launch of the Escort we are expecting a very good turn-out.
8:51am 02-17-2018
Can I pay my subscription by bank transfer? No cheque book at present and postal orders now a rip off!
8:49am 02-17-2018
Where can you buy standard Mk I Escort front wings? Have only found RS2000 and "bubble arch" ones so far!
5:32am 02-16-2018
Ahmedabad Escorts
Ahmedabad Escorts
Ahmedabad Escorts
Surat Escorts
1:14pm 02-05-2018
hi,i'm just about to buy a mk2 1600 sport import from south Africa, does anyone know of anything I should look out for apart from the speedo (kph).
12:51pm 02-05-2018
I have confirmed our club attendance at the Elveden Car Show, Suffolk on 27th May. (Three cars so far.) Anyone interested, please contact me with your details - this show is free. We have attended this show for several years now and find it a very enjoyable, yet relaxing show with plenty of cars.
I am also taking bookings for the Euston Park Rural PasTimes show on the 10th June. Entry is £11 for driver and one passenger. If anyone is interested please let me know before the end of February. It gets booked pretty quickly as it is a brilliant show.
2:53pm 12-18-2017
Hi Steve and Joanne. Many thanks for your card.
Contact Dave Milburn (address inside front cover of mag) he is the club's valuer recognised by the insurance companies.
I am so glad it's back on the road as it is a beautiful car.
9:57pm 12-02-2017
Hi Geraldine and co
It's been 9 years since I last drove my mk1 sport on the road with a service new brakes and new tyres the mot was passed and then a good ride around Derbyshire the car had only covered 12 miles in 9 years the car drew lots of attention at the local garden centre carpark etc!! I understand the value as increased somewhat so I need to look at the value of my insurance cheers for now Steve Foster
2:00am 12-02-2017
hi every one , i am looking for seat material for my mk 2 escort sport 1980, do you know if it is still available , thanks mike
4:58pm 11-12-2017
Hello All: I've just purchased a ZX-2 Coupe', 4 valve, 2 Litre with 5 speed, (A) is the club interested in these and (B) what is a good DIY preperation book for the later Escorts like this? I have road raced and trialed my Allerdette, Mk-I Corty GT, my 1963 Capri GT Cosworth and my Lotus Corty, The ZX-2 seems a fitting member of the pack but I Can't find a good book for these WHY??
2:07pm 10-10-2017

We have not had a magazine for 5 months now???
8:03am 08-24-2017
Due to unforeseen circumstances the summer edition of the club magazine will be delayed. Please accept our apologies. Paula Lane, Club Secretary.
5:12pm 07-23-2017
wondering if there was a July Magazine not had one
7:52pm 07-21-2017
Hi guys, informative website, just purchased mk2 import. project should keep me busy for a few months.

All the best

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