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6:17pm 03-18-2016
Hi, many years ago in the early/mid eighties I owned two MK1 Mexicos, MMU 34K and TSB 85L. Would like to know if they're still around and looking good, thanks all.
4:20pm 03-18-2016
have mk 1 escort was 1100 1972 chassis no on log book says
ce42mk18479 ,car is ex plate on car and turret tops plated over.
trying to id car or have I got a lemon Help!
10:42pm 03-08-2016
The last issue was indeed the summer (159). Sadly we haven't been getting enough show reports, news, members cars, questions etc to produce the magazine as regularly as it once was. I'm putting the next issue together now actually and it has details of all the upcoming shows so hopefully there will be loads of reports flooding in as the show season slowly starts again (I'm off to my first show of the year in a couple of weeks myself)
8:14pm 02-17-2016
Hi all,

Has there been a club mag since the summer one? I don't remember any Autumn or winter edition, and I'm sure I renewed my membership October as the cheque was cashed. Also would be interested in a place on the Santa Pod Classic Ford Show, Geoff have you had my emails? Cheers
8:22pm 02-12-2016
Nice site and some useful info on Tech page. I'm Originally from the UK but now living in NZ and have always been a Ford fan. My sons now 18 & 17 have both got the Ford bug and drive Mk1 & 2 Escorts which are getting very hard to find over here :-(
7:46pm 01-25-2016
I am organising Classic Ford for the club on 5th June 2016. The tickets are £18 in advance. I am trying to drum up as many members to attend the show so we can tell everyone that we are still out there. I would appreciate it if you could attend this show to support the club. If you are interested let me know ASAP and send me a self addressed envelope and a cheque payable to Geoff Lane and I will organise the tickets.
If you have any shows that you would like to attend in you area let me know via email so I can put them on the web site. Also visit the web site to see what shows are available in your area.

Club Chairman

Geoff Lane
12:07pm 01-01-2016
HappNew year to all.

Club chairman

Geoff Lane
11:38am 12-31-2015
So glad to see that the club is still going and flourishing. As the original chairman of the club I was just wondering if any of the other original members, Tony, Paul, Mike etc. were still involved with the club ?
Happy New year to all your members
4:24pm 12-16-2015
What sort of condition is it in, can you send me some pictures to Have a look at our valuation page.

Geoff Lane
Club Chairman
1:59pm 12-12-2015
Hi....I have a March 1968 mk1 1300gt..I have found it in Cyprus where it has lived all its is in Alpina green,does anyone know of any as old as this and its value nowadays..?
4:20pm 12-01-2015
Mark Langley
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10:22am 10-23-2015
Does anyone know where i can get some door seals for my mk1 1300e but for a brown interior as only all black ones seem to be available.
5:17pm 10-12-2015
hello all.. thought i give this site a try as im been trying to find out if my old RS mk 2 escort diamond white mexico is still out there on the road or about.. it would be lovely to know if it is .. or does anyone know how i could find out? The reg is YKR 140T... many thanks
3:39pm 10-04-2015
Hi all- am going to sell my capri 2.8 to get a mk2 sport and have contacted and been to see a place near me called monte escorts to get one built to my spec and colour-has anyone had any dealings with them or know anyone who has or know of them? The cars that they are working on at the moment look great-please reply on here or to and will join club b4 getting one!
7:12am 09-30-2015

I used to own a MK1 RS2000 reg; AAB 666M. Wish I still had her but the Muppet I sold it to wrote it off after two days. I don't suppose you have any history of her?


David West
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