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5:26pm 09-23-2015
I recently returned to the Escort scene have spent a few years messing with Capri's and a Dutton.
Now I have a mk2 1600L Automatic (well that what the badges say but you cant believe everything you read).

I have previously owned

MK 1 1300L , 1300 E , 1100L
MK2 1300L X 2 , 1600 SPORT

Its crazy that any spares that are assumed to be "RS , MEXICO,GT,SPORT" sell for mad sums of money.

Its good to be back in rear wheel drive land

7:53am 09-21-2015
hi had a great day yesterday at Dunton test center. 6 cars turned up the weather was great and the company was ok lol. to top the day Henry Dods won 2nd, Mark Cookman won 1st and came 2nd. we was very pleased. looking forward to Battles Bridge next weekend.
7:27pm 09-04-2015
Genuine GT's were all Mk Is - in 1300 and 1600 guises. Wonder if you are looking a genuine car or if it's just a modded car- you can pay over the odds for some of these...
12:07am 08-23-2015
hi, I'm looking bit of advice, I'm looking at a mk2 at the min, the guy who owns it says it's a gt 1.6, but I can't seem to fine a listing for this model, but then said its like the sport 1.6, can u tell me is the gt worth any more or less than a sport..
5:18pm 08-12-2015
I just LOVE mk1 and 2 escorts-at the moment I have a Capri 2.8 and am looking to chang for a mk 2 1600 sport-dont mind which colour but must be good and standard-if you know of one for sale please get in touch-I am in Mansfield Notts area and my e-mail is and would like to attend local branch meetings-thankyou
9:01pm 08-07-2015
Hi Graham it's nice that you have got another Escort. what sort of bits are you looking for? What area are you from.

Club Chairman
Geoff Lane
9:18pm 08-01-2015
hi all, just bought a south African import 1600 sport in need of some light restoration, im hoping for some help advice and locating some spares so hopefully get to some shows with you guys next year. been a mk2 guy all my days and looking forward to recapturing my youth lol. always regretted the day I sold my mexico and harrier some 20 yrs ago, hence im a bit rusty and forgotten a lot. will be joining the club soon as I can get an mot and uk registration. regards
2:33pm 06-15-2015
Mark Langley
Yeah, car passed the MOT today! Only did 300 miles since the last one ;-0
6:30pm 06-06-2015
Hi all had a great day at Abridge Essex with Tim, John & Lee. Weather was really nice and lots of lovely cars and people

7:53pm 06-03-2015
Mark Langley
300 followers on Twitter now folks - Keep it rolling...... @sportingescort
11:26pm 05-31-2015
You beat me to it Geoff! Well done, I am so proud of you guys and I know Peter would have been chuffed to bits. Not forgetting you also won Runners up Best Club stand award at Enfield on Monday. You've done the club proud - what a great start to your first year as Chairman.
6:27pm 05-31-2015
Hi what a cold and wet day at Classic Ford, but the best thing is we won best club stand thanks to those who attended the show.

9:08pm 05-27-2015
Hi all I am doing Classic Ford this Sunday at santapod, I have got a spare ticket if u are interested let me know asap please.

7:08pm 05-27-2015
Hi Mark Langley

I have been in touch with the new owners of Stanford hall, the are fully booked this year so I will get back to the for next year.

3:13pm 05-26-2015
i have now located a car.
thanks to all that helped
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