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10:42pm 03-12-2014

I am wondering if anyone could help. Sadly today I discovered that my much loved escort of 18 years has been stolen from my mothers lockup in west Lothian. If anyone is offered this vehicle I am offering a cash reward for information leading to recovery.

11:56am 03-09-2014
LOOKING TO FIND AN OLD FRIEND HFW35N MK ONE MEXICO very special car is it still around?
12:31pm 03-06-2014
Some intersting project cars in this Ebay shop:-
10:09am 02-14-2014
Please remove previous post. Totally irrelevant and a potential source of viruses!
4:50pm 02-13-2014
If you are looking for intelligent, witty, high profile Escort Girls with a great sense of humor then you are absolutely on the right track. The Delhi Escort Girls are specially trained to meet the needs of the businessman, corporate professionals and any person who wants satisfaction and pleasure at his terms and conditions. The services they offer forces the clients return back to them time and again.
10:50am 01-25-2014
The Brighton Speed Trials have been saved! Thanks to all you signed petition. It appears that some never quite got a round tuit!!!
5:47pm 01-19-2014
Hi I would love to find out if two fantastic Fords I owned are still around. The first is a Mk 1 Escort Sport 1300 colour purple reg GKR10N. The second is a MK2 Escort Sport 1600 colour Brown reg UKT8T. According to the DVLA both cars are untaxed BUT if anyone knows if they are still out there please contact me as I am retired and would love to see them again.
7:55am 01-18-2014
Searching for my first car.......
Hi everyone,
I am seeking the whereabouts of my first car...a MK2 Escort Mexico registration number AEH 244S in signal yellow.
Any info about this car would be much appreciated.
Many thanks
3:32pm 01-12-2014
Please sign the petition to save the Brighton Speed Trials at http// Many thanks...
5:56pm 01-07-2014
Carl b
Great site thanks
4:52pm 01-02-2014
Happy New Year To You All! Like Mark I am hoping for a (much) better year so that I can look at restoring my Escort rather than struggling to pay the lock-op rent!
10:51am 12-26-2013
Mark Langley
Hope everyone had an enjoyable christmas.
Personally hoping for a better New Year in 2014.
5:48pm 12-16-2013
I'd like to wish all our members a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Hope to see you at the shows in 2014.
11:19am 12-11-2013
Hi All,
wondering if my old MK2 Ezzy is still kicking about, reg number WTU 802W! She was one of the last built, a two door 1.3 Ghia with factory option smoked glass - lovely motor. Any info gratefully received. Cheers, John.
4:23pm 11-22-2013
Hi Everybody,
this is the first time ive posted on here,
hope its the right place to ask a technical question,
have an ongoing prob RE water temperature gauge reading incorrectly,
i have a TIM 52mm water temp gauge fitted to a 2.1 pinto mk1 escort along with its correct sender,
colour coded white
and have a 74 degree c thermostat fitted along with an electric fan switch which kicks in at 85 degrees c
and drops out at 80 degrees c but gauge reads 75c fan on 65c fan off
not sure if sender is at fault,
i know that these senders should be matched to various gauges,
hence different colour codings eg green, yellow, red, black etc
as ive fitted a green one i had as spare in garage which give a temp gauge reading of fan on 95c
fan off 90c,
cannot seem to find a data base or chart anywhere on the net to find out what different ranges of resistance all colour senders should have in order to narrow down the expense of buying one after another different colour senders before getting the one in order to get the gauge to read correct.

forgot to add ive taken readings of tim sender at cold which measures 1.5 ohms
and green sender at cold reads .9 ohms
so im thinking i need one that reads between this figure
can anyone help on this issue
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