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11:07am 06-02-2014
Mark Langley

Can you send me some of our leaflets so I can put them on cars I see when I go to car shows this month. Got a few lined up to go to. Thanks Mark
7:29pm 05-21-2014
Simply Ford is held in the grounds of the National Motor Museum in Beaulieu. Cheap day at as £10 covers the whole attraction and grounds.
8:58am 05-21-2014
I've never heard of the Simply Ford show - where was it held? I wish you'd let me know about it as we could have put it in the mag and on the website and that, in itself, encourages members to go along. I am always asking members to let me know of shows in their area in the hope they will encourge others and have a club stand there.
The Essex shows always have a good turn out which is why we tend to get more new members from that area.
We lost many members after Peter died and I only just kept the club ticking along for the first couple of years and I do know some thought the club had folded. I shall be attending at least a dozen shows this year.
Glad to hear you're doing a couple of articles for the mag - I know Stuart is late with the next issue but he can only print what he's sent and if there are not enough articles then the mag is delayed - such a shame!
Get your pen's out, members and write something. There is no need to worry if you've never written anything before Stuart and I will always correct spellings etc so don't be embarrassed, we'd just like to hear from you!
9:49am 05-05-2014
Mark Langley
Went to the Simply Ford show this weekend. Lots of clubs and cars there. Why do we not have club stands at these shows anymore. Seems like we have dropped off the map?
9:15am 05-05-2014
Mark Langley
Got two articles and lots of photos to do. I'll get them sorted this week for you :-)
2:01pm 05-03-2014
Stuart, our Editor, needs more articles for the next mag. Why not write about what you have been doing to your beloved Escort over the winter months or even a show you attended that wasn't mentioned in the last mag? Remember, Stuart can't produce your mag without these items - don't worry if you can't spell or are not sure how to put something on paper, do what you can and we'll sort it out for you.
It's your mag written by you for you! We look forward to hearing from you. Thank you.
6:47pm 05-02-2014
Mark Langley
Anyone heading down to the Simply Ford Show this weekend??
9:06am 05-02-2014
Sorry Mark never you Twitter or Facebook - just not for me...
1:26pm 04-23-2014
Mark Langley
If you every venture onto Twitter on your computer or phone then search for @sportingescort and say hello!
4:07pm 04-21-2014
ron read
hi there used to race debenham escorts back in the seventies, under THE STATUS QUO trying to find photos of any of the races Kind Regards Ron Read
12:56pm 04-20-2014
Mark Langley
Hi Geradine

I am hoping to book a few stands at shows this year in my area and hopefully get a few people to come with me instead of going on my own all the time! How do we stand with insurance etc??

4:28pm 04-06-2014
steve elles
halfway house meet this wednesday :-)
9:20am 03-26-2014
As the cost of postage sales of carpet trims has increased to over £12 I have had to stop this for the time being. In the meantime I will be trying to find another way of sending these out. They will still be available at some of the car shows.
9:42pm 03-12-2014
Giuliano perin

I am wondering if anyone could help. Sadly today I discovered that my much loved escort of 18 years has been stolen from my mothers lockup in west Lothian. If anyone is offered this vehicle I am offering a cash reward for information leading to recovery.

10:56am 03-09-2014
LOOKING TO FIND AN OLD FRIEND HFW35N MK ONE MEXICO very special car is it still around?
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