6:54pm 08-29-2014
Hi, I am formulating the specification and plans for the rebuild of my Mk II Estate. One thing I want to do is fit fixed back front seats (I have both a back problems) and do away with the rear seats. However a friend's car (2 door coupe) recently failed the MOTmas the driver's seat no longer tilted to allow access to the rear. Does anybody know the definitive ruling on this?

Thanks and regards,

4:00pm 08-08-2014
Lucinda Sexton
Hi there,

looking for a MK1 Escort 1973, registration number OAH727M, it was electric blue, the DVLA have told me is still on the road, Im looking to help my father find it as he built it. many thanks in advance
4:19pm 07-31-2014
Mark Langley
Hi Stuart

Hows the mag coming along?
11:31pm 07-17-2014
Ian Weston
Just looking on your site. Can you tell me if there is going to be any members at the RS national meet on the 20th? I am planning to go in my van and would like to meet up with some members! Many thanks. Ian. 5942. Mk2 van owner!
7:39pm 07-14-2014
got it all now thanks mark
8:02pm 07-12-2014
Stuart Did you get all the 5 articles I sent you yesterday?
10:33pm 07-10-2014
i need one or two more articles / show reports to finish the next issue - send me whatever you have please guys and girls
1:46pm 07-07-2014
David Boxall
hi chaps, i not sure if any one can help, i am looking for my old mexico, which much to my surprise i have found out its still on the road, i would love to see the car again if only a picture its a 1973 mexico reg XTW905L white
8:50pm 07-04-2014
Hi. I have a Mk II 1300L (JVA 479P) with a leaky carburettor (car smells of petrol and fuel runs back to the tank so that, on start up, it is turning over for ages before firing). Is a carburettor repair kit available? If not where is the best source for a new part? Thanks
8:24pm 06-28-2014
Hi Sean

Yeap send it in we've not had a lot of activity with the registers of late.

cheers Mark
12:25pm 06-28-2014
Sean Forde
Hi Mark.
I have a MK1 Escort that may be worth a mention. I have lots of photos and history of the car. Just let me know if you are interested. Cheers, Sean.
8:23pm 06-27-2014
I'm suprised as SA cars are usually a lot more expensive as I have one myself
11:05pm 06-13-2014
Tony matt
Hi, looking to buy my first mk2 escort and thinking of going for a South African import 16 sport, is there a reason these are selling a little cheaper than a uk car, also is there any difference ? Can't afford the ten grand or so for an rs 2 has anyone had any experience with one of these imports ? Don't want to waste my hard earned 7k or so , any info please, thanks tony
6:37pm 06-06-2014
Mark Langley
Hi Stuart

I have a bit of a manic weekend but I will hopefully get some stuff to you next week if thats OK. Sorry to hear about you car. Glad you got it back though.
3:57pm 06-05-2014
Couple of things

1) PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE send me some articles, show reports, updates on your cars etc etc so I can produce the next issue of the mag. I'm twiddling my thumbs waiting to put it together

2) Notification / warning - my Escort was stolen over the weekend from Welling, Kent. It has been recovered (after a fair amount of effort from myself and a disappointing performance from the police) but just to let other members in the south east know and stay vigilant

3) I'm going to be needing several parts (mostly trim) to get my car back on the road again so I hope you guys don't mind if I put a little list up on here and see if anyone has bits laying around unused that I may be able to purchase

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