7:49am 12-29-2022
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10:08pm 03-13-2022
Andy Dunne
Would like a PayPal option to join
Kind regards andy Dunne
9:59am 04-19-2021
Mahi Gill
6:29pm 03-24-2021
Dean Cutting
I am looking to buy a mark 1 Escort, so would it be a benefit to join the club now, or once i have found one ?


9:36pm 02-28-2021
Hello, are you still going?
6:33am 01-23-2021
Paul Jeffery
Hi, been thinking about my first car recently, a white 1300e and wondered if it belongs to someone here. It seems to have had a logbook issued in 2014, has a 2.0 engine and carries the reg YDJ642M.
9:06pm 12-22-2020
Kevin Plummer
Hi, a friend just sent me the link to this. I actually started this club way back around ‘83. I had a heavily modded Signal yellow 1600 Sport (XCD 121S). I remember typing out the first magazines in my bedroom and getting my mum to photocopy them at work.
Glad to see the club still exists, they were/are fantastic cars.
2:57pm 12-12-2020
Simon Wassell
Any luck on my Membership please Paula?
10:38pm 10-22-2020
Alison Wolstenholme
Hi All,
I'm a former SEOC member from the 90's and have lots of club magazines and a vintage SEOC grille badge if anyone's interested?
Haven't owned any Escorts since 2005 but used to regularly go to shows in the North and National Days at Stanford Hall. Also used to compete in the MkII's on Club and National B Road rallies.
Lovely to see the club still going, but where's Peter and Geraldine?
Kind regards
5:36pm 10-19-2020
Thomas Murdoch
Hi is the club still going i would like to join but cant get a reply
Cheers Thomas
11:04am 09-07-2020
Lisa Gleave
I was a previous owner of a green mk1 from 1983 to 2000. He was my first car! Registration UDL 725K. Just wondered if the current owner was interested in any history and photos if anyone knows who they are. I know it’s still on the road, so hoping might be a member? Thanks, Lisa
1:07pm 08-08-2020
Leigh Forrester
Hi there, I have a South African imported Escort 1600 sport and I am unable to register it in the UK as I don't have any confirmation of when the vehicle was built. Please could you advise me how I would go about this confirmation. Many thanks.
1:57pm 07-08-2020
Mark Langley
Hi Geraldine
Glad to hear you still got the Sport. Ive still got a MK2 Ghia.
10:57am 07-06-2020
A big HI to Mark and Noel. Lovely to hear from you. I still have the Mk1 Sport and, fingers crossed, l have some shows booked for this year. Hope you're both keeping well (also Jean, Noel).
If anyone is interested the shows I have booked, so far, are;
16th August, Stonham Barns, Suffolk. 30th August, Lavenham Classics, Suffolk. 6th September, Glemham Hall, Woodbridge, Suffolk.(£5)
Anyone interested please let me know asap. Phone 01359 231384
Unfortunately, they haven't been put up on the events page as yet.
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