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8:03am 08-24-2017
Paula Lane
Due to unforeseen circumstances the summer edition of the club magazine will be delayed. Please accept our apologies. Paula Lane, Club Secretary.
5:12pm 07-23-2017
David Hammond
wondering if there was a July Magazine not had one
7:52pm 07-21-2017
Gary Greenwood
Hi guys, informative website, just purchased mk2 import. project should keep me busy for a few months.

All the best

8:29am 04-05-2017
Geoff Lane

The Magazine is on it's way. posted Monday this week.

5:44pm 04-03-2017
Any SEOC mag any time soon?
10:54am 03-24-2017
Hi can anyone help me I'm interested in buying a escort 1300e can some one advise as to what model it should state on the log book gt sport base etc

Many thanks

6:37pm 02-25-2017
Just wonder if anyone has fitted a rear turret kit recently. I have heard as it is a change to the monocoque the DVLA need to be informed (as well as your insurance company) and if other mods have been made you may be given a Q plate.
12:39pm 02-14-2017
Hello Jeff,

I believe it is legal to have a kph speedo as your car is pre 1984... Have e-mailed details...
10:31am 02-08-2017
Hi, recently purchased a South African import Mk2 1.6 Sport in Olympic Blue, in incredible condition, fitted with 7x13 Multifit Chrome wheels and new Goodyear tyres. Need to get it through a MOT to have it registered but I am in no hurry to do so. Need a good working MPH Instrument cluster if any one has one for sale !!
Thanks, Jeff.
5:36pm 01-16-2017
My Escort mentioned below is still for sale. TBH I have only had three viewers. One of them was the proverbial tyre kicker and the other two decided they did not have the skills for the restoration although one went around the houses a bit {lease e-mail me if interested. Thank you...
8:06pm 12-14-2016
David Watson
Hi, Having had 3 new mk1's in the '70s between my Dad and myself, I wonder if you could tell me how many mk1 1300 Escort Sports were made and where they were built . I took delivery of my Sport back in 1974 WHM 761M in Daytona yellow. Extras I ordered were opening rear side windows, sports wing mirrors, cloth interior, radio and reversing lights. The opening side windows proved troublesome with the hinges and lock keep coming unstuck from the glass - we ended up fitting fixed glass. The car had 32 delivery miles on it when collected. I knew the day I px'd it in 1981 for a mk2 estate 1.3L in midnight blue PGN954V that I'd forever regret it, 94k miles later. So can you tell me how many were made? Also how many 1300E's were made please ? My Dad had a new purple velvet 1300E GYV 30N and a new sunset red 1300XL HGF 372K. The latter was rear ended when 3 months old on a Scottish holiday by a land rover and trailer, pushing us into 2 more cars in front. It was reshelled up there, and we had to travel up to Perth to collect it.

Many thanks, Dave.

Many thanks, Dave.
10:58am 12-06-2016
A big 'thank you' to Steve for organising the club Christmas dinner at The Halfway House on Saturday.
I had a lovely evening with a great bunch of members.
12:43pm 10-07-2016
Hi Steve S

Give me a call and i will let you know.


10:53am 09-30-2016
Steve S
I am in the process of re-registering my 1973 Mk1 Mexico but need the DVLA form endorsed by an affiliated owners club. Can you advise who it is I should contact at SEOC to help in this matter?
Thank you.
4:22pm 09-17-2016
Geoff Lane
Very Sade news today about one of our members passing away yesterday Darren Waterman know as gold member. Thought's going out to his wife and two young boys.

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