11:12am 06-27-2020
dave leggett
Hi, I have a 1979 MkII Escort Sport 1600, assembled here in New Zealand, and I am trying to source 5 metres of fabric to replace the top and sides of the seats. I want to keep it original; it is the very stripey deckchair look that is very 70s. Does anyone in the club know whether this material can still be sourced and if so where? Or is there a valid alternative? One of my sons is in the UK for another month and would be bringing it home with them in September. Thanks for your help.
12:58pm 05-02-2020
Just a short note to say my Mk II 1300L estate, sometimes referred to as the Batford Escort now resides in Kent. It is now undergoing a slow restoration. Sadly I had to conclude that with increasing health and financial problems a restoration in my tenureship would never happen. Keep safe, keep well!
6:09pm 04-24-2020
Mark Langley
Hi Noel

Nice to see a name from the past, do you still have the Ghia?
11:15am 04-17-2020
Noel chesterman
Hi twice in a couple of days.Good news the police have found the mk2 1600 sport I have been told.
Hope all is well with every body who remembers us through all the good times we had,better times will return soon we all hope.
11:55am 04-15-2020
Noel Chesterman
Hi long time no speak but I have just had this info from my daughter 1600 sport STOLEN early hours Wednesday 15th from Stoke prior near bromsgrove FNP 447 W last seen on blue recovery Lorry in the village.
3:49pm 09-17-2019
paul lewis
Just brought a mk1. Just wondered what suspension people are using? Would like adjustable with hubs and calipers, would like to know what car I can remove them off. Thanks
11:57pm 05-17-2019
kirk passmore
Hi There, I used to be a member years ago, Mk2 Escort Van with full RS2000 running gear. LWK 989P. Glad to see your still going, got some great memories of meeting up and going to shows etc.
8:10pm 04-24-2019
I have recently bought a 1972 Ford Escort 1300GT. I would like to renew the square headlamp lenses. Am I looking at the impossible to replace these ? Just needing someone with knowledge to tell me please and I will place the thought out of my mind, if they are extremely rare ? Also I need to buy a matching chrome door mirror for the passenger door as I like to drive safely,using mirrors. I bought 2 new ones on ebay,but had to send them back as despite the seller saying they would fit a Mk 1 Escort, the one on the passenger side would not. Any tips or ideas please ? Comments gratefully received of help. Thank you.
1:48pm 01-22-2019
I am currently in the process of booking shows for this year. So far we have Elveden Classic & Vintage Car show, Sunday, 2nd June, Helmingham Festival of Classic and Sports Cars: 4th Aug (£10) Both shows are in Norfolk and ones we have attended previously. It would be good to have a few more attend so please let me know asap. Regarding the £10 please make cheque payable to 'Helmingham Hall Gardens', thank you. Geraldine
8:53am 01-04-2019
Paula Lane
Good morning all, I am sorry to hear that you are disappointed with the Club. The reason why there has been no recent magazines is that members are reluctant to provide content. Without members contribution to the magazine, then no magazine. We are always encouraging members to send articles to the Editor. We are currently in the final stages of the current magazine which should be with you later this month/early next month. You can also find us on facebook.. Regards, Paula - Club Secretary
1:28pm 12-20-2018
Neil Marshall
Couldn’t agree more. I rejoined the club last year after previously been a member back in the 80,s. Now Having returned to Escort ownership I wanted to join a owners club. I’ve had 1 magazine since not bi monthly as I was led to believe.looking over the website this also seems to be out of date. Definitely won’t be renewing my membership next year just to receive a sticker and magazine and view a out of dated and out of touch website.
6:06pm 12-18-2018
Im not sure what is going on regarding the magazine these days but we need to offer something to paying members especially when internet based clubs are free!! Ive been a member for 30 years this year but wondering if its really worth rejoining next year. No National Day, No Magazine, cant blame Brexit!! Not even sure people are looking at this forum anymore to be honest.
9:18pm 12-13-2018
Neil Marshall
Hi. Joined this club last year and paid for 2years membership. I have received I club magazine last year and nothing this year. Not as my expectations when joining
11:59am 12-13-2018
Mr A Hammersley
Hello there.

Just to ask... I'm having a paint code sticker made up for the inside of the boot of my 1979 Mk2 escort 1.6 sport and there is a choice of 3 paint manufacturers ie FA BOLLIG&KEMPER / FA DR KURT HERBERTS OR FA SIKKENS..

The colour is cosmos blue metallic and the paint code I think is XCS 1272 but it could have the letter B on the end. ? So if possible can anyone tell me what manufacture and code it should be ?

Many thanks
1:57pm 12-10-2018
bradley taylor
Hi i am trying to obtain a dating cert and have been told that it is you i need to ask. it is for a mk1 escort van . thankyou for any help brad .
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