1:10pm 11-01-2018
mark langley
Anyone fancy a stand at pure ford castle coombe next year april 2019
7:35pm 07-16-2018
Paula Lane
In response to all enquiries regarding bank transfers to renew membership, the answer is yes, please contact me for the club bank details or there is a paypal option Contact is
Paula - Club Secretary
7:32pm 07-16-2018
Paula Lane
Chris Mann, please contact Geoff Lane 07941 129273 or email Events can be found on the events page of our website, or you can find us on facebook sporting escort owners club (official)
Thanks, Paula - Club Secretary
9:59pm 07-09-2018
Chris Mann
Is the club having a stand at the Battlesbridge Classic Ford Show this year? I joined the SEOC in 2016 but haven't showed yet and thought it was about time I got round to it. I recall Dave Milburn told me this was a good one to visit.
Cheers Chris
7:47pm 06-24-2018
Michael Pink
ok its a long time since i owned reg WYM 866M 1974 Mk 1 Ford Escort Mexico Black with Custom Pack with alloy s
i was the 2nd owner
originally supplied by John Willment Surrey
i still have the original service book plus a few receipts and Ford literature and would like to match it back up to the car if it survives .
did you know the basic car in MARCH 74 cost £1397.78 ! plus vat
anybody who knows of its whereabouts can let me know and i will post off the info
thanks for looking
cheers Mike
5:20pm 06-21-2018
Any member wishing to attend the Sporting Bears show in Kimbolton on July 8th please contact me for a ticket. All contact details in the club mag. Entrance fee is £10 on the gate but very good value. This is a great family show and well worth a visit. All proceeds go to charity.

11:49am 05-15-2018
Alan Green
Hello to all

I live in France and am a fifty something with a hankering to buy a Mk 2 escort as I had one in my youth (so its a bit of nostalgia i guess). Nice to see there are plenty of people still looking after these great cars! Got my eye on a two owner 1300 sport with engine original so it will have some headroom to be breathed upon and get some more ponies from the motor! If things go to plan I will join up to the club. Cheers Alan
11:45pm 05-14-2018
Ian Weston
Hi I was just wondering if you could pay by bank transfer for member fee’s? Also what shows are the club thinking of attending? I have been a mamber in the past with my mk2 van and I am in Lancashire. Thanks.
3:34pm 03-28-2018
Geraldine Ridgewell
Lavenham Rare Breeds Show is being held on August Bank Holiday Sunday (26th). Cost is £10, please contact Michael Lance (phone no. on back cover of mag.) He will give you his address so you can send him a cheque and sae .Michael needs to book the club stand before July.
Thank you, Geraldine
11:10am 03-08-2018
Graham Chadband
All SEOC members are invited to attend the AVO Owners Club National Day event @ Hatton World in Warwickshire on Sunday June 17th. With this year being the 50th anniversary of the launch of the Escort we are expecting a very good turn-out.
9:51am 02-17-2018
Can I pay my subscription by bank transfer? No cheque book at present and postal orders now a rip off!
9:49am 02-17-2018
Where can you buy standard Mk I Escort front wings? Have only found RS2000 and "bubble arch" ones so far!
2:14pm 02-05-2018
Brian robb
hi,i'm just about to buy a mk2 1600 sport import from south Africa, does anyone know of anything I should look out for apart from the speedo (kph).
1:51pm 02-05-2018
I have confirmed our club attendance at the Elveden Car Show, Suffolk on 27th May. (Three cars so far.) Anyone interested, please contact me with your details - this show is free. We have attended this show for several years now and find it a very enjoyable, yet relaxing show with plenty of cars.
I am also taking bookings for the Euston Park Rural PasTimes show on the 10th June. Entry is £11 for driver and one passenger. If anyone is interested please let me know before the end of February. It gets booked pretty quickly as it is a brilliant show.
3:53pm 12-18-2017
Hi Steve and Joanne. Many thanks for your card.
Contact Dave Milburn (address inside front cover of mag) he is the club's valuer recognised by the insurance companies.
I am so glad it's back on the road as it is a beautiful car.
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