11:58am 12-06-2016
A big 'thank you' to Steve for organising the club Christmas dinner at The Halfway House on Saturday.
I had a lovely evening with a great bunch of members.
1:43pm 10-07-2016
Hi Steve S

Give me a call and i will let you know.


11:53am 09-30-2016
Steve S
I am in the process of re-registering my 1973 Mk1 Mexico but need the DVLA form endorsed by an affiliated owners club. Can you advise who it is I should contact at SEOC to help in this matter?
Thank you.
5:22pm 09-17-2016
Geoff Lane
Very Sade news today about one of our members passing away yesterday Darren Waterman know as gold member. Thought's going out to his wife and two young boys.

1:49pm 09-02-2016
Apologies if you e-mailed me about my Escort (below) and I have not replied. I was away for a few days and the e-mail server had a number transient issues so some got through, some got bounced and others got lost! Sadly a stupidly low offer got through! Autumn is starting so it's a good time to get a winter project...
6:05pm 08-26-2016
Those of you who were members of the club in the early/mid noughties may recall my beige Mk II Escort estate in which I attended a number of National Days and monthly meets at the Brache, Luton. I also used to enter in in auto tests. It had the nickname of the Batford Escort as it was parked outside my late mother’s flat there for many years. Sadly because of ongoing health problems I have decided that restoring the bodywork and converting to an automatic is too much for me. So regrettably after nearly thirty years in the family. Please e-mail me if you are interested. Thank you…
10:53am 08-09-2016
Richard Thorneycroft
I wonder if you could help me. I have tried the contact us link on this site but have not had a response. I have a Lotus/Caterham 7, the gear lever linkage has broken due to the failure of a plastic ball in in the mechanism, I have been told the linkage is non standard and it is from an Escort Sport. Do yo know where I could get a replacement part or do you have any other solution. I have some photos of the broken part and linkage which I could send if it helps.
1:10pm 08-08-2016
Sean Forde
Mike Appleton. Can you send me some details of the two cars please.Email I will get back to you. Cheers, Sean
10:17am 08-08-2016
Mike Appleton
Great sight, and lots of useful information. I look forward to hopefully joining your club in the near future (have 2x MK1 Mexico Escorts I have been asked to try and help sell). Good luck with everything, Mike
12:49pm 07-12-2016
Geoff Lane
Hi Marc

I see your comment about your car being on our club stand, can you tell me who organize the show please.
10:31pm 07-11-2016
Marc nixon
Looking for a picture of the mk1 fiesta that was on your stand at powderham this year dark blue 1977 the guy said its the 7th oldest just want to know when it was built and registered
3:25am 07-02-2016
I have a 1974 2 dr 1300e v5 tags and plates purple car 2 owners
7:34am 05-29-2016
James RS
The first issue of Type 49 racing the magazine. the magazine all things RWD Escort with an Aussie twist is due out in just on 5 weeks! The latest addition to the Type 49 Racing stable is our website which was launched this week.
Check it out at
Read about and check out the photos from our trip to watch the 40th Annual Austin 7 Car Club Historic Race meeting held this weekend.
Type 49 Racing Magazine – out 4th July 2016
8:41pm 05-25-2016
Nigel smith
I am currently rebuilding an escort mk2 sports d it's now nearing paint stage not certain about the satin black on rear panel I think it should be down to the raised lip above bumper but some pictures show cars with no black also the wheels are steel with square cut outs again some pictures show recess painted black and others all silver thanks for any help
11:22am 05-20-2016
kevin vaites
Hi. I was just browsing this great Web site when I learned of lian coldwell
Sad death. I have known lian for at least 7 years and we have had many long
Escort related chats.
Great loss.....
Kev. Montescort.
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